Meeting - 14th February 2018

June welcomed 42 members and 1 new member.  There were 27 apologies.  Slightly low numbers but it was a dreadfully wet and windy evening and Valentine’s Day!

Presentation of Charity Cheques
June presented a cheque for £514 to Soo from Decaf, part of the Live at Home Scheme, which was one of our chosen charities for the year.  Shelagh Smith, one of our members, accepted the £514 cheque on behalf of ESDAS, our other chosen charity.  Both of these cheques were from our 2017 fund raising.  The amount of £70.53 had already been passed directly to Decaf as this was money raised by WI members when they ran a stall at the Live at Home Spring Fayre.  Many thanks to the four members - Gill, Sandra, Rosemary and June - who had made around 40 valentine cards to be given to members of the Live at Home Scheme at their St Valentine’s Day lunch.

Show and Tell
Three of our members spoke about different experiences:-
Sally Wallace – City and Guilds Part 1 and Beyond.
Sally spoke about her membership of the Embroiderer’s Guild and all the different techniques used in obtaining her qualification.  She brought along some of her lovely work to show us – amazing!  
Liz Sands – My Roman Holiday
Liz spoke about her three years teaching English in Rome in the 1990s and the many places and experiences she had during her time there.  
June Arnold – Precious Items from the Past
June spoke about her Grandparents and showed us a collection of postcards from the 1920’s.  She also showed us some beautiful beaded overdresses from the same period which her Grandmother had worn.  We were also shown some hot pants and a mini dress which June had worn in the late 1960s!

Forthcoming Events
SFWI ACM March 19 at Dorking Halls.  Tickets £16, speakers to include Dickie Arbiter (former Press Secretary to HM the Queen and reps from RHS Wisley. 
Edenbridge and Oxted Show Quiz Friday 16 March at Bletchingley Village Hall.  Tickets £12.50 to include cold supper.
Speaker Auditions at Bletchingley 22 March.  £5 for morning or afternoon, £9 for whole day.  Anybody is welcome to attend.
SFWI centenary 19 May 2018, Hookwood.  Tickets are now on sale. Stewarding and volunteers required to make scones/cakes etc.
Perfect Pollinator at Wisley 28 June.  We are looking for a small group of people to make a ‘pollinator’ eg beetles, butterflies, bees, bugs etc. to be displayed at Wisley RHS Garden.  Shelagh Smith will lead this group – all ideas are welcome.
Behind the Scenes Tour of Royal Albert Hall, Monday 26 February.  There is one spare ticket available - £10.  Please contact June if you would like to go.  
Caroline spoke about a Day trip to Paris on 4 July 2018.  As Joy had mentioned at the previous meeting it is a long day, starting early and getting back late with a fair amount of walking.  The fare is approximately £100 plus meals and Paris Metro.  Please sign and pay tonight if interested.  
Tricia Hughes spoke about Reigate Antique Society at St. Mark’s Hall who meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 8pm.  The annual programme was left for members to collect.

Reminders for Members
2018 Subscriptions should be paid tonight.
Two members of our Committee have unfortunately had to step down due to personal circumstances – Cathy Dyson and Lucia Browne.  We are looking to co-opt two more people.  Please contact June or Mel if you are able to help.  
Please sign the buddy/hostess board to help look after new members at meetings.  
There is a card to sign to give to Rachel on the birth of her daughter Naomi Cecily Jean who was born on the 27 January.
There is a sales table, all proceeds towards our new 2018 chosen charity. 
In future there will be group updates at each meeting.  New groups include a discussion group and a music appreciation group – please sign up if you are interested.  There is also a board for flower arranging and craft.  Several book clubs have vacancies.  If anyone would prefer an evening group to an afternoon group please let us know.  
Reigate Library has a display of the Suffragette Movement and REWI.

Voting on Charity
Mel reported that five charities had been nominated by members.  They were Welcare, The Samaritans, Stripey Stork, Loveworks and the Live at Home Scheme which received the most votes.  


Anne spoke about this year’s proposed budget.  She mentioned about the annual expenses including the hire of the hall, cost of speakers, the August social evening, etc.  It is hoped that we will come in on track with a small surplus of £104.00.

Two more Show and Tell
Jackie Johnson – Reigate and District Family History Group
She has been chairman of this Group for 22 years and said there were lots of ways of gaining information about family history, including joining her Group.  She left leaflets about the next talk on the History and People of Gatton Park to be held at St. Mark’s Hall on 15 March.
Caroline Vaughan – Healthy Living
Caroline first advertised her 1st monthly Thursday short walks and encouraged members to join her email list.  She then spoke about her role as a Governor of East Surrey Hospital Board.  She advised members to think first before attending A & E and mentioned that there are walk in centres and pharmacists who can sometimes help.  She also advised where possible to get a flu jab.  

Feedback on Outings
La Barbe.  The meal had been greatly enjoyed by members.  Our thanks to Louise and Julia for arranging this.  
Wisley Butterflies.  A few members had braved the rain to see the butterflies.
Squires Garden Centre.  Tea had been enjoyed by 12 members. 

Resolution Update
The Reigate result of the resolution January voting was Stop FGM.  Our figures will be sent to Surrey for forwarding on to the National Federation for collating.
Next month we will have an update on the two 2017 resolutions - Plastic Soup and Loneliness.

Next Meeting 14th March
A talk on Local Cheeses – Norbury Blue Cheese.  There will be samples and some for sale.  Our Advisor, Angela Poole, will be attending.

Raffle and Refreshments
The raffle raised £47.00
Sales Table £17.50
Refreshments £23.00

Thanks to Pauline and her team for refreshments.  Many thanks also to our speakers.


Meeting - 10th January 2018

June Steer our President, who is now June Arnold after her recent marriage, welcomed 64 members and 2 visitors.  There were 9 apologies.  She thanked members for the flowers, card and gift voucher that she had been presented with. 


June welcomed Jenny Adin-Christie a specialist Embroiderer and Tutor who had trained at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court.  Her art had taken her all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and France.  One of her achievements had been helping with the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress and staying up very late the night before the wedding finishing it off.  We were all amazed at the time and effort that goes into producing all of her work.  

June read an e-mail from ESDAS thanking members for their donations of toiletries which had been very well received.
Thanks also to Louise and Julia for arranging the meal at La Barbe on 17 January.  There are 2 spaces available.  If any members are interested please contact June.
Thanks also to Sally Wallace who attended the December Decaf meeting as Committee members were unable to attend.  She had coffee and nibbles and was entertained by a magician.

Forthcoming Events
Vintage Tea at St. Mary’s Monday 15 January.  There are 2 places left
Menopause the Musical, Dorking Halls 1 March, sig and pay tonight.
Surrey Federation Meeting, Dorking Halls, 19 March £16.
Edenbridge & Oxted Show Quiz,  Bletchingley Village Hall £12.50 to include cold supper Friday 16 March, £12.50
Free screening of 2005 film Suffragette at the Harlequin, Redhill, Monday 5 February, 7.30 pm.  Just turn up.

Reminders for Members
Yearly membership is now due.  If you wish to rejoin please pay your £41 this month or at the February meeting, cheques to REWI in envelope with your details on.  If members do not rejoin they will no longer be able to attend any WI groups.  
Please send to June or Mel, by the end of this week, your nominations for our annual local charity.  One paragraph only explaining the aims of the charity. 
Briony spoke about our groups to sign up to and asked for suggestions of new ones.  
Mel spoke about an autism and aging study and that there were leaflets available which had been given to us by a student who was looking for healthy adults to sign up to the study. 
Mel also asked current members to sign up to become a buddy/hostess to help look after new members at meetings.
Please contact Joy, who is our Membership Secretary, if you wish your e-mail address to be added to the national database, which is needed for MyWI Website.

Voting on the 5 shortlisted resolutions took place. These were i) Positive Body Imagine in a Digital Age, ii) Stop Female Genital Mutilation, iii) Rising Awareness of Modern Slavery in the UK, iv) Mental Health Matters and v) Healthier Mouth, Healthier Body.

Joy stood up and spoke about a day trip to Paris on Eurostar lead by Caroline who used to live in Paris and who has lead two previous days trips there.  The proposed date is 27 June 2018.  She warned members that it is a long day, starting early and getting back late and that there is a fair amount of walking, but very enjoyable nonetheless.  
The fare is approximately £100 plus getting to London, lunch, Paris Metro etc.  Approximately £150.  Board out next month.

Next month Anne Knox will present a proposed budget for the year.  
A vote on the net raffle proceeds going towards our 2018 charity fundraising was agreed by members. 

Next Meeting
We are hoping to get representatives from our two Charities to receive their cheques and we will be voting on our 2018 annual charity.  We will also be having a Show and/or Tell where members can talk for 5 minutes about any subject that interests them.  There are still spaces available for this – please contact Mel our Secretary.

Thanks to Rosalyn Norman and helpers for refreshments which made £33.00
Thanks also to Janet and Briony for the raffle which raised £52.00


Meeting - 13th December 2017

June Steer, our president opened the Christmas meeting and welcomed 62 members and 1 visitor.  There were 14 apologies.

June introduced Wendy Jolley from Reigate Flower Club who made three exotic arrangements including an outdoor arrangement to welcome guests.  She had used beautiful dark red roses and cream roses in another arrangement.  She also made (with the left overs)! a very impressive hand tie which was simple but equally as good.

Introduction of New Committee
June mentioned that she had been reluctant to stand as President for a third year but with the continued support from the Committee she felt she could do one more year.  She thanked the previous Committee for all their help and hard work and then introduced the new Committee:
Mel Ralph Secretary
Anne Knox Treasurer
Cathy Dyson Newsletter and Denman Representative
Pauline Cox Vice President, Refreshment Co-ordinator and Flower Rota 
Briony Bowen Vice President and Group Co-ordinator
Lucia Browne Social Media Co-ordinator
Sue Nelson Speaker and Hall Co-ordinator 

Past Events
A number of members had a tour in October of the Orpheus Centre including coffee and lunch.  Guides showed them around and they found it to be very interesting and informative, even managing to watch a rehearsal for their Carol Concert which a number of members attended in December at St Johns Church, Redhill with Richard Stilgoe, Nicholas Owen and Jane Asher.

Gill and Sandra had helped ESDAS, one of our chosen charities for the year, with card making and they helped their clients make four cards which had been well received.  Thanks were also given for the extra toiletries etc. handed in from our members tonight.  
Forthcoming Events
Butterflies and lunch at Wisley 24 January organised by Briory
Evening meal at Carluccio’s, Reigate 7 February organised by Mel
Behind the Scenes Tour Royal Albert Hall
26 February organised by June 
Monday Lunch 8 January organised by Elaine Rogers

We have received an invitation from Decaf for a coffee morning Friday 15th December with entertainment.  Contact June if you are interested in going.

Reminders for Members
We are looking for one or two extra members to help and assist with the raffle.  This involves collecting raffle items and selling tickets on the night.  See Janet or June.

The flowers, which some of our members currently provide at East Surrey Macmillan Cancer Support Centre, are very well received and we are looking for more members to sign the board to enable us to continue this important initiative for a further year.  With more names it would only be around 3 times a year that members would need to do this.  June confirmed that anyone signing up would have to pay for the flowers themselves as the WI cannot reimburse them but that it is acknowledged at the Centre that the flowers are provided by Reigate Evening WI .  

Yearly membership is now due.  Please make your cheques out to REWI for £41.00 and pay tonight or bring along to the next meeting in an named envelope.

No donations were required for refreshments tonight as it is our Christmas meeting.  Members are urged to buy extra raffle tickets for our special Christmas raffle including the three flower arrangements. 

Lucia mentioned that Inside Out Health in Church Street are promoting gluten free and organic wines and beers on the evening of Thursday 14 December and members were encouraged to go along.

Nominations for our annual Local Charity
Members are invited to nominate a local charity for 2018.  Can you please send your nominations (one paragraph please) to June or Mel by the end of January or bring them to the meeting.

Events and Trips
Mel stood up and spoke about events and trips.  She said that there are eight members on the Committee and approximately 100 members in our WI.  
To spread the load she said it would be good if members could have a think about what they can arrange either on their own or with 2 – 3 others.  These trips are a good way to get to know others.  There are lots of gardens, buildings, museums, meals, walks etc.  Please let the Committee know if you have any ideas and are willing to help and email Cathy Dyson with any additions to the newsletter.

Mel then thanked June for all her hard work and presented her with a bouquet and card signed by members to celebrate her forthcoming wedding.  

Future Meetings
10 January 2018 Meeting Specialist Embroiderer and Tutor – Jenny Adin-Christie.
Voting on 5 proposed national 2018 Resolutions.  See WI Life Magazine.

14 February 2018  Meeting Presentation of cheques to our two Charities.  Vote on our 2018 charity.  Members ‘show and tell’.  A 5 minute talk by members on anything interesting!  Board out next month.

The magnificent raffle raised £112.00.
Thanks to Janet helping with the raffle.
Thanks for supporting Food Bank and ESDAS.
Thanks to Pauline and her team for supplying the lovely cakes and refreshments.


Meeting - 8th November 2017

June Steer, our President, welcomed 55 members and 3 visitors.  There were 19 apologies including 3 apologies from members of our current committee – Lucia Browne, Cathy Dyson and Ann Dale.

June welcomed Sheila Arnold and Terri Tomkins from Reigate Afternoon WI, who this evening are acting as Tellers for the President nominations and should any voting be also required.  June introduced Ann Lillywhite, our allocated WI Adviser for this evening

Record of Previous Month’s WI meeting:
This has been entered on to our website and circulated to members.

Appointment of Independent Financial Examiner:

By a majority of a show of hands it was agreed to appoint an independent financial examiner, recommended by the WI, to audit next year’s accounts.

Presentation and Adoption of the Financial Statement:

Anne Knox, our Treasurer, presented the Financial Statement highlighting all the key points.  She proposed the adoption of the Statement and this was seconded by Caroline Vaughan, a member of our WI.  The Statement was then adopted by a majority of a show of hands by members. 

Presentation of the Committee’s Annual Report:
Sue Nelson read out, on behalf of Lucia Browne our Secretary, the Committee’s Annual Report, which highlighted the many and varied speakers and activities that we had enjoyed during the year.

Presentation of the President’s Address:
June gave a summary of her year as President and thanked all those who had supported her and the committee during the year.  She highlighted the many and varied groups taking place alongside the monthly meetings and stressed how important it was to involve all members in the running of their WI.   June proposed the adoption of the Committee’s Annual Report which was agreed by members with a show of hands.

WI Adviser
Ann Lillywhite gave information on a number of courses to be held next year at Denman College including the Surrey Weekend and the Taster Overnight Stay in March and encouraged members to attend these courses.

Nominations and Election of Committee for 2017/18:
8 members have volunteered to act as the next committee and they were duly elected to serve: Briony Bowen, Lucia Browne, Pauline Cox, Cathy Dyson, Anne Knox, Sue Nelson, Melanie Ralph and June Steer. 

Written Nominations and Secret Ballot for President:
Written nominations for a President were asked for from the new committee.   Those nominated were then asked if they wished to stand and as no voting was required June Steer was elected for a third term as President.

WI Business:     
• Members were asked to save the 19th May 2018 date in their diaries as the Celebration of Surrey’s Centenary will take place that afternoon at Hookwood Village Hall.  More information to follow over the next few months.  Our WI will be required to help in some way.
• The Jubilee Convenor is currently holding a waiting list for the Priory Farm Event on the 22nd/23rd November so members were asked to notify our committee if they were unable to attend.  Members were reminded they must take their tickets with them as this will be exchanged for a raffle ticket on the door.
• Members were invited to inspire kindness in their community on World Kindness Day on the 13th November.
• ‘Our WI, Our Future’, a Survey by NFWI, was put out on the top table for members to look at.

• The raffle made £54.00 towards our chosen charities.
• The refreshments made £35.30. 
• The Sale Table made £35.00 towards our chosen charities.
• Jane Hayward’s Art Sale held last month made £50.00 towards our chosen charities.

• Meike Laurenson, one of our member’s gave a very interesting and amusing talk on her early life in Denmark including her memories of Christmas time.  Thank you Meike.

• Members were asked to bring their annual subscription for 2018, preferably by cheque, to the December/January meeting in a sealed envelope, writing their name and any changes to their address, etc. on the front.  The cost this coming year for a full member is £41.00.


June again thanked the outgoing committee for all their amazing help over this last year.
Members were thanked for their donations of toiletries items for ESDAS and for the Christmas raffle prizes.

Date of Next Meeting:
Wednesday 13th December, 7.45pm. There will be a festive flower demonstration with all the arrangements being donated to our Christmas raffle. 


Meeting - 11th October 2017

June Steer, our President, opened our 6th birthday meeting and welcomed 66 members and 2 visitors.  There were 10 apologies.

June introduced our guest speaker Nesta Joliff, an exhibitor at Chelsea and other flower shows:

Nesta talked us through the process for exhibiting the many and varied bulbs at the flower shows.  She is responsible for arranging the setup, stock, detail and the co-ordination of the people manning the stand, including the accommodation and amenities.  Nesta takes part in large exhibits (20ft square) and also smaller events across the country and abroad. There is a show in Philadelphia in the first week in March that Nesta has exhibited at for the last 22 years. It lasts 9 days and the exhibit is 40ft x 30ft and each evening the display has to be changed.  Nesta talked about what inspired the various designs for the shows and how these have changed over the years. She showed us some very beautiful and colourful photographs of her many exhibits.  She brought along a wonderful amount of bulbs to sell at the refreshment time and 10% of her sales income went towards our chosen charities fundraising.

Recent Events:
35 members travelled by coach to Denman College on Monday 9th October.  They saw a wonderful cookery demonstration, had a great lunch and cream tea, had a talk on the history of the College and were shown round some of the various county rooms.  This visit has proved to be a great introduction to the College and it is hoped members will now apply for the many and varied courses on offer. Course books were available at the meeting and a Surrey Denman weekend is on offer next July.  Lucia has the application forms.  There are various Surrey bursaries to be drawn at the Federation meeting next week so members were encouraged to complete a postcard in order to apply.

Forthcoming Events and Boards to sign up to included:
• The Orpheus Centre visit 15th October
• La Barbe New Year Meal 17th January, 3 courses, £29.00
• Woodcote Green Garden Centre trip 30th November
• Bon Marche Fashion Show 19th October – a fundraiser for our charities.
• Jubilee Group Event, Priory Farm 22nd/23rd November. 

• Nominations are still required for committee members next year – members were asked to please sign up and offer to help the group.  REWI is still looking for a new President.
• Help is still required at Jane’s Art Sale this coming Saturday 14th October.  10% of proceeds to go to our charities.

Tombola/Raffle made £88.00 towards our charities.
Refreshments made £48.00

Sale of Bulbs: £6.50 towards our charities.

Surrey Centenary Pages:
Suzy has created our Centenary page artwork and June the history page.  Everyone agreed that it really is something special! This will be submitted at the Federation meeting next week.

Joy Perrett and Briony Bowen agreed to be the tellers for the Reigate Afternoon WI AGM.

• June thanked all members who had donated bottles for the Tombola Raffle.  It proved a great success.  
• Thanks were given to Pauline Cox for her wonderful cake tray bakes.

Next Meeting 8th November:
This is our AGM and after the business part of the meeting Meike Laurenson, one of our members, will talk on "Christmas when I was Small" 


Meeting - 13th September 2017

Lucia Browne, our Secretary, opened the meeting and welcomed 60 members. (9 people had sent apologies). She welcomed our guest speakers.

Louise Freer of Freer Skincare gave us an informative talk on the importance of natural and simple skincare. She also introduced us to her luxurious range of homemade natural products made locally in Merstham. 
Kate Segal and Alison Crowther, expert Nutritional Therapists gave us a lively and animated talk about the importance of good nutrition and a healthy balanced diet. They gave out samples of some yummy drinks and snacks which they stock at their independent health food shop, Inside Out Health, Church Street, Reigate. 

We also welcomed Andrew Browne of Browne's Mobile Podiatry who presented us with an informative Foot Health Education on how to reduce the risk of problems and provided some excellent advice on the daily care of our feet to keep them in tiptop condition. The speakers had kindly donated some lovely gifts and vouchers for raffle prizes (all money going towards our two chosen charities for this year). June thanked Lucia for arranging the evening and thanked all the guest speakers, before continuing the business of the meeting. 

Forthcoming Events and Boards to sign up to included: 
  • Redstone WI Open Evening 4th October 
  • Downview Dames Summer Sale 22nd September 
  • Jubilee Group Meeting 11th October 
  • Bon Marche Fashion Show 19th October 
  • Approximate numbers required for the Surrey Centenary Birthday Party 19th May 2018. 
Recent Events: 
  • A visit to Clarence House was very enjoyable especially as the weather was lovely to walking through St James’s Park 
  • The social evening in August had been very successful. The group all joined in to make it a success and help with the preparation and tidying up. Thanks to everyone for their contribution. 


  • Nominations required for committee members next year – please sign up and offer to help the group. 
  • Sign up individually for the Surrey 300 Club. 
  • Complete the NFWU Food and Garden Survey. 
  • Add date for the La Barbe New Year Meal on 17th January to your diaries, board next month. 

Members agreed again the proposed Financial Budget for 2016/2017 that had previously been presented by our Treasurer in March 2017 and agreed by members at that time. Although being previously agreed this item had unfortunately not been entered on the March 2017 Record of the Meeting (apologies). 

Raffle made £79 Refreshments made £36.50 

Next Meeting 11th October 2017. 6th Birthday event and talk by Nesta Jollif, an exhibitor at Chelsea and other flower shows. Please could members bring donations of bottles for our Tombola next month.


Meeting 12th July 2017

June Steer, President, opened the meeting and welcomed 66 members and 2 visitors. (15 people had sent apologies). 

June then welcomed Ann Lovelace, from the Orpheus Centre together with Luke, a previous resident at the Centre and 2 other volunteers. Ann gave an extremely interesting and informative talk about the history of the Centre and her many years working there as a volunteer. Luke performed 3 songs during the presentation that he had written himself. These were greatly appreciated by our members as his voice was simply outstanding and the words very emotional. After the meeting Ann expressed her thanks to our members for their most generous contribution towards the charity. We hope to arrange a visit to the Centre in the not too distant future. 

Update on Events: 
  • Members of the committee helped out by serving the refreshments at the Live at Home Scheme Best Tea Party for Ages, a thank you event for their volunteers. They have asked us to also assist them at their 20th birthday celebration event on the 28th July and we are looking for helpers! 
  • An update was given about the Magical Summer Evening, 9th August 7.30 for 7.45pm at Betchworth Village Hall and members were asked to sign up and also put their name against a food item to bring along on the evening. Members were reminded that they must be responsible for any special dietary needs. Those attending to bring their food item, together with their own drink and a glass. Offers of flowers to decorate the tables will be gratefully received. 
  • We have received a ‘thank you’ email from ESDAS for our contributions towards their tombola stall at their fundraising event on 25th June, which was a great success. 
  • Denman Day – 9 th October. Payment for transport required immediately. Two spaces are still available. Exact timings and details of pickup points will be given at the September meeting. 
  • Tickets @ £22 are available for a Surrey Federation Barn Dance at the Old Barn in Bookham on Friday 10th November. Proceeds to Denman College. 
  • New Committee members are required from this November, please contact June for details. 

Raffle made £67.10, proceeds to our 2 charities. Refreshments made £37 

Information for Members: 
  • Anne Knox, our Treasurer, explained that we now have confirmation of our charity status and our number will be recorded on all future correspondence. She thanked the President and Secretary for their help with the application. 
  • Our WI has now been accepted into the Jubilee Group. This suggestion was welcomed and supported by members as the Jubilee Group links REWI with other WI groups in the local area of Reigate and Redhill. We have immediately been invited to a Concert of Songs from the Shows taking place at Canada Hall, Merstham, next Monday 17th July, 7.30pm. All members are welcome to attend. 
  • The President gave an update on the two resolutions that have been agreed at the AGM in June. Further detailed information will follow from the NFWIs shortly. 
  • Update on the Local Food Waste Survey next month. 
  • Update on the new NFWI member website next month. 
Next Meeting Wednesday 13th September 2017: The evening will be made up of three talks/demo’s on Head to Heels Health.


Meeting - 14th June 2017

June Steer, President, opened the meeting and welcomed 65 members. (21 people had sent apologies). 

June then welcomed Melissa Constantinou to talk about ‘Her Experience of Living in Japan’. Melissa gave an interesting and informative talk about her time in Japan. As a resident of Reigate she had always wanted to travel to Japan, and in 2016 and 2017 she had the chance to go and become a skiing instructor. As well as these ‘working vacations’ she was also able to travel around the islands and showed pictures of cultural aspects of the country as well as customs, food and the quirks and idiosyncrasies of Japanese life – as she saw it! The meeting was fascinated by her talk and the variety of experiences she had had in Japan. 

Update on Events: 
  • Our sales table at the Live at Home Spring Fayre had raised £70 for Decaf and June thanked members of REWI who had helped at and contributed to the event. 
  • A private visit to Woodbury Cottage garden (National Garden Scheme) has been arranged for 11th July and members were asked to sign up and pay tonight. 
  • Claire Chaney is interested in setting up a Flower Arranging group and several members expressed an interest. 
  • An update was given about the Magical Summer Evening, 9th August and members were asked to sign up – more details about food etc next month. 
  • ESDAS fund raising event on 25th June – members were reminded and asked to support the event. Tickets can be brought through Shelagh Smith. Members were thanked for their contributions of toiletries for the tombola. 
  • Denman Day – 9 th October. Payment for transport required immediately. A few spaces are still available. 
  • New Committee members are required from this November, contact June for details. June gave notice that she will not be standing as President for a further term. 

Raffle made £62.00, proceeds to our 2 charities. Refreshments made £32.98 Jam / Plants made £15.10, proceeds to our 2 charities. 

Information for Members: 
  • The committee had discussed the possibility for transferring from the Leith Hill group of WI’s to the Jubilee Group. This suggestion was welcomed and supported by members as the Jubilee group links REWI with other WI groups in the local area of Reigate and Redhill. June to follow this up. 
  • Update on the Local Food Waste Survey next month. 
  • Please contact Lucia if you are interested in helping to produce our 2 pages for the Surrey 2018 Centenary Celebration Book. Group leaders will be contacted shortly. 
Our September meeting will be 3 talks/demo’s on Head to Heels Health. 

June expressed her thanks for the donations of raffle prizes which we are always happy to receive. 

Next Meeting 12th July 2017: The talk by Ann Lovelace will be about the Orpheus Centre.


Meeting - 10th May 2017

June Steer, President, opened the meeting and welcomed 43 members and 2 guests. (28 people had sent apologies).

Update on Events: 

  • 2 members had attended the Downview Dames WI at Downview Women’s Prison. It was their WI’s first craft and coffee morning and they were able to sell a variety of good quality crafts they had made. A bag, made by one of the women, was offered as one of our raffle prizes. 
  • Some members of the group had visited the Surrey History Centre in Woking and found it to be very interesting. 
  • Three committee members attended the Earlswood Carnival as judges - see our Facebook Page and our website for the photos. 
Discussion on the Two Resolutions: 
  • Alleviating Loneliness: “This meeting calls on every WI and the NFWI to work alongside health and social care providers and their local community to raise awareness of the causes and impacts of loneliness, thus ensuring better identification of lonely people in order to be able to offer them the appropriate assistance and support”.
  • Plastic Soup – keep microplastic fibres out of our oceans: Microplastic fibres are shed from synthetic clothing with every wash and are the main contributors to microplastic contamination of the oceans. The NFWI calls on Government and industry to research and develop innovative solutions to this problem in order to stop the accumulation of microplastic fibres in our oceans”. Members discussed and voted by a majority to carry both resolutions and our linked delegate will therefore vote according to our wishes at the AGM at Liverpool on the 7th June. Members agreed by a large majority to give discretion to our linked delegate should any new facts emerge or changes take place to the wording at the AGM. 
  • The meeting voted and agreed the Annual Review and Accounts from the NFWI. 
  • Raffle made £37 Refreshments made £26.50 Sunflower seedlings sold £11.50 Marmalade sold £50 Dates for the Diary: 
  • The outing to the Transport museum is to be rearranged. 
  • The Surrey Federation Croquet Day at Surbiton is in need of support. 
  • Macmillan Cancer Care are asking for volunteers to help with collecting at Tesco, Hookwood on the 2nd June. Please contact June if you are interested in helping. See notice board for the Macmillan Tree Top Picnic Party on the 24th June. 
  • Springwatch – members are invited to watch the baby blue tits at Jackie Redman’s house on Tues 16th May. 
  • Members were asked to sign up for our Summer Social Evening on Wednesday 9 th August at Betchworth Village Hall. It will be a ‘bring and share’ buffet with members also bringing along their own drinks. There will be no charge to members as a small budget has been put aside for this annual event. We are looking for volunteers to help plan and organise the evening. Reminders to Members: 
  • Donations of plants, cakes and biscuits are needed for the Live at Home Scheme Spring Fair on Sat 20th May. Proceeds of our stall will go to Decaf, one of our charity’s. Contact the committee for collection. 
  • 3 members are going to the ’Talk with the new SFWI Board’ on 19th June. Members were invited to think about questions which could be asked, which should be forwarded to Lucia, our Secretary, asap. 
  • We have been asked to support the 25th June ESDAS fundraising event (one of our 2 charities for this year) – see notice board for details. Various donations are needed and members will be reminded prior to our next meeting. 
  • Any members who are carers were asked to complete the NFWI Survey form. 
  • Members were also asked to complete our Food Waste Weekend of Action Survey form. 
  • 2 places are now available on our Denman Day in October. 


The evening finished with a quiz. Thanks to Lucia for researching the questions and answers!! The quiz was won by the team, “We went to Specsavers”. Clearly their purchases at Specsavers meant they could study for the quiz and win the competition!! 

Next Meeting 14th June 2017: The talk will be on ‘Experiences of living in Japan’.


Meeting - 12th April 2017

June Steer, President, opened the meeting and welcomed 54 members.

She then welcomed Soo Munnery, the Live at Home Scheme Assistant Manager. Three of the committee had been to visit Decaf, Woodlands Road, Redhill the previous week. Soo gave a very interesting and informative talk about Decaf, one of our two chosen charities for this year. She explained how Decaf links in with the Live at Home Scheme which will be celebrating its 20th birthday in July. The Live at Home Scheme will be holding its Spring Fair on the 20th May 10-12 noon at Redhill Methodist Church hall, Gloucester Road, Redhill and to help raise funds for Decaf REWI will be organising a sales table and are currently looking for members to assist with this. 

  • June thanked two of our members who have volunteered to help ESDAS with card making at their fortnightly creative drop in sessions. ESDAS are holding a Volunteering Information session on Monday 24th April 7-8.30pm and any members interested in attending should contact ESDAS direct. 
  • The National WI’s Food Waste Weekend of Action is on 19th -21st May and REWI are looking for members to help with this. 
  • The National Federation 2015-2016 Annual Review was made available for members to look at.
  • Two members have been invited to the Downview Dames WI Craft and Coffee morning on 5th May. Please contact our Secretary if you are interested in attending. 
  • Members were reminded about data protection and asked to contact the Secretary should they not want their photos added to our website and/or their email addresses distributed to other members if they had signed up for a trip. 
  • The new Board of Trustees at Surrey Federation have invited three members from REWI to attend a talk/question time on the 19th June. Any interested member should contact our Secretary. 
  • Three of the committee will be judging the scone and jam competition at the Earlswood Carnival on 29th April 2-5pm on Woodlands Road Green in Redhill. Judging will take place around 4pm and members were encouraged to attend. 
  • REWI will be running a Book Stall at the Leith Hill Group Coffee Morning on the 29th April 10-12noon at the URC Hall in West Street, Dorking. Members were asked to support this event by going along to the sale. 
  • Members were reminded to sign up and pay for their annual copies of Surrey News. 
  • Members were reminded to pay for the cost of the coach to Denman College if they have signed up for this trip. This is non-refundable. New and existing members were invited to add their names to the reserve list. 


The meeting raised the following: - Raffle £71, Refreshments £34. 

Next Meeting 10th May 2017 - Vote on WI National Resolutions and a Quiz.


Meeting - 8th March 2017

June Steer, President, opened the meeting and welcomed 70 members and 1 guest.

She then welcomed Ian Muir, Reigate and Banstead Recycling Officer. He gave an informative and entertaining presentation about recycling in the borough. He gave information about where the waste materials are sent, and how the recycling is processed. He then showed different items explaining the ‘what and where’ of recycling. No waste in Surrey goes to landfill, going instead to an incinerator. 60% of mixed recycling is glass. For more top tips, facts and figures go to the Reigate and Banstead website.

 A Thank You letter has been received from the Macmillan Centre for the cheque presented to them last month. (See Surrey Mirror 9.3.17)
 Members of the committee will be visiting the DeCaf centre in early April (one of our charities for 2017)
 Sue Munnery, Assistant Manager, will be speaking about Decaf and the Live at Home Scheme at the WI meeting in April as our original speaker is unable to attend.
 ESDAS would like people with skills in crafts, cards making, etc. to offer help at their fortnightly creative drop in sessions.
 We are still looking for ideas and helpers for fundraising.
 There are many vacancies for trips and outings and members were encouraged to sign up and join events.


The meeting raised the following. Raffle £53, Refreshments £46.20, Recycle table £13, Marmalade £30

Next Meeting 12th April 2017 - DeCaf Centre – Talk by Sue Munnery. Please bring books for the Leith Hill Coffee Morning /Book Stall on 29th April.

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