Meeting - 12th December 2018

Our new Joint President Pauline Cox welcomed 59 members.  16 sent apologies and we had two visitors on the night.  15 members did not send apologies.

Opening the meeting, Pauline gave the sad news that Ann Haddock’s husband had died.  A condolence card has been sent wishing her well.

Before the evening’s entertainment, Pauline introduced the new Committee and confirmed that she and Briony Bowen would be sharing the Presidency; the role of Treasurer was being fulfilled by Sue Owen.  Carol Holden is the new Secretary with the support of Liz Sands.

Our entertainment for the evening was provided by Suzy Hind’s father Roger Hind who encouraged everyone present to join in singing carols and festive songs while also giving information on the different kinds of accompaniments possible.  Members also joined in by playing sound bars and ringing bells to accompany Silent Night – and took part in  ‘pass the parcel’ while singing Jingle Bells.  The session concluded with a rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas by six separate groups – complete with actions !

Thanks were given to Roger for making the evening go with a swing.

Before breaking for refreshments, Pauline highlighted the fact that with such a small number on the Committee, support would definitely be needed in organising trips and events in 2019 and encouraged members to use the suggestions book.  We are also looking for someone to coordinate the many groups that run alongside the main activities of the WI.  

Pauline also mentioned the fact that if payment was made for a particular activity or outing, and the person found themselves unable to attend, then refunds could not be guaranteed – it would be that person’s responsibility to try to find a replacement.

Members were encouraged to support the Flower Rota – and sign the board if they were able to participate.

During the break, members who had made decorations for the beautiful Christmas Tree that had been on display during the previous weekend were asked to collect their decorations.  Any not collected were offered for sale and raised £10 for our charity.  Decorations remaining will be stored and used in the future.

Refreshments for the evening were being provided free of charge but members were encouraged to buy tickets for an extensive Christmas raffle.

After the break, Joint President Briony Bowen outlined the fact that we would soon be looking to appoint our charity for 2019 and that members should send through nominations to Briony and/or Pauline. 

As a reminder, nominations for 2018 charities were:
Live at Home Scheme (the chosen charity)
Love Works
Stripy Stork

A reminder to nominate charities will be sent with the Newsletter in January.

Next Meeting – 7th January 2019
At our next meeting, we will welcome a talk on ‘The March of the Women’ – Surrey’s Road to the Vote.  We will also be voting on the 6 National WI Resolutions for 2019.

Thanks were given to everyone who donated gifts for the raffle which raised £108 and to Sandra White and Gill Hawkins for organising it.  Sue and Rosalyn plus helpers were also thanked for providing the refreshments.

Briony wished everyone present a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Meeting - 14th November 2018

June welcomed 65 members, 11 apologies and welcomed 2 visitors from Reigate Afternoon WI acting as tellers for the new Committee nominations.  She also apologised for the microphone not working properly last month.

Health and Safety
June reminded members that health and safety should be mentioned at every meeting, pointing out fire escapes etc. and the meeting point outside in the car park.  No coats to be left outside and making sure bags are safe.

Committee Nominations
June asked if there were any further nominations for the Committee.  At present there are 5 nominations out of a membership of 95!  Members can be co-opted to join the Committee at any time.

Record of Previous Month’s WI Meeting
This has been entered on to our website and circulated to members.

Appointment of Independent Financial Examiner
By a majority of a show of hands it was agreed to appoint an independent Financial Examiner to audit next year’s accounts.

Presentation and Adoption of Financial Statement
Anne Knox, our Treasurer presented the financial statement highlighting all the key points.  Trish and Susan Legg supported this and the statement was then adopted by a majority of a show of hands by members.  

Presentation of the Committee’s Annual Report
Mel, our Secretary, highlighted the many and varied speakers and activities that we had enjoyed during the year.  

President’s Address and Adoption of Annual Report
June gave a summary of her year as President and thanked the many people who had helped and supported her and the Committee during the year.  She mentioned about the many groups that had been formed and stressed how important it was to involve all members in the running of their WI.  June proposed the adoption of the Committee’s annual report which was agreed by members with a show of hands.

Nominations, Vote and Introduction of the Committee for 2019
The five members willing to stand came forward and were introduced by June:  Sue Owen, Carol Holden, Briony Bowen, Pauline Cox and Liz Sands.  Members were given slips of paper to vote for a President.  Two members willing to stand as joint Presidents are Briony and Pauline.  There was a unanimous show of hands in agreement.  

Flowers were then presented to four members leaving the Committee.  June our President, Anne,Treasurer, Sue, Speaker Co-ordinator and Mel our Secretary.  Thanks were given for all the work they had done.    Thanks were also given to the two tellers from Reigate Afternoon WI.

Briony and Liz had organised a quiz comprising of a cocktail quiz, picture quiz and wine quiz.  It was all good fun and thanks go to them for arranging it.

Due to the success of the previous year’s event, members had been asked to bring a bottle with them to the meeting to be used as raffle prizes.  It could be any sort of bottle including alcohol and there were certainly a lot of those!  Everybody eventually ended up with a prize bottle or similar.

Members will be asked to complete a new membership form confirming that they are agreeable for their e-mail to be circulated.  If agreeable please sign the form available soon and e-mail it back.  

Members were asked to bring their annual subs for 2019 for £42 preferably by cheque to the December/January meeting in a sealed envelope, writing their name and any changes to their address etc. on the front.   Cheques made payable to REWI.   They can also return the new membership form in this envelope if they haven’t sent it back by e-mail.  

Next Meeting
Refreshments will be free for the December meeting.  There will be Christmas entertainment during the evening. 
Members were asked to think about a local charity for the 2019 charity.

June thanked everyone who had donated items for the Christmas Tree Festival.   She also thanked the outgoing Committee and wished good luck to the new Committee.

Raffle and Refreshments
The raffle raised £85.00
Refreshments £50.00

Thanks to Pauline and her team for the refreshments. 


Meeting - 10th October 2018

June welcomed 61 members, with 19 apologies and 5 visitors.  This meeting is our 7th birthday!  June reminded members of the fire escapes and gathering point at the hall as she has been completing a risk assessment.  She also reminded members to make sure they always carry with them their ICE (in case of emergency) contact on outings, at groups and WI meetings.

June welcomed Philippa Martin, Stained Glass Artist.  Philippa trained at Reigate Art School.  She worked with Lawrence Lee 
who was a British stained glass artist whose work spanned the latter half of the 20th century and who created 10 windows in Coventry Cathedral.  She showed us slides of many beautiful windows in France and UK, designed by many well- known artists.  She then showed us some of her own beautiful work including a window in St Nicholas Church Cranleigh.  She had several pieces of jewellery on display which she had designed.

Forthcoming Events
Please support the Jubilee Group Meeting on 17 October 2pm at Reigate Park church.  There will be a talk on Rheumatology.  
Mary Quant Exhibition 20 June 2019. Sign up now for tickets!
Live at Home – cakes required for Christmas Fair 3 November.
Christmas Tree Festival.  Please think about what you can make.  Has anyone a 5ft tree they can loan for the event?  Please bring any decorations to the November meeting.
Sign up for any groups, although currently there is no guarantee that there will be spaces.  It is hoped we can start up second groups if we get enough members interested.
Louise spoke about a meal at La Barbe on the 16th January which she and Julia have arranged for the last two years.  It is always a very good three course meal for £29.00 (including gratuities).  She has the menu so please see her if you would like to attend.  Please pay by cheque at the November meeting.
Briony reminded members of three upcoming events:- The Harlequin Theatre Wednesday 7 November Remembrance Concert.  Please pay tonight if you are interested.
A screening of the King and I at the Harlequin Theatre on 29 November which has just finished in London.  Briony has reserved 12 tickets.  Please sign up if you are interested.
Also sign up for a trip to Wintershall Nativity Play 14 December 4.30 pm, near Guildford.  Friends are welcome. 

Remind Members
Please collect ordered diaries from Anne.  Please put any outing/group suggestions in book.
The Committee are looking for one or two members to arrange the Christmas raffle which will include a small hamper.  This is a one-off job that should not be too onerous and would help enormously.  Please talk to June if you are able to help.
Next month is the AGM and one or two new members are still needed to join the Committee.  There are a number of jobs to be allocated so even if you cannot be on the Committee can you help in some way?

Feedback on Outings
A few members had seen The King and I at the London Palladium which was a wonderful production enjoyed by all.
Coldharbour House and Garden were visited in Bletchingley and had spectacular views.
Mel had arranged Gin tasting at the Four Hops, Reigate which was an enjoyable evening tasting different gins.
June and Briony attended the SFWI Annual Federation Meeting on 8 October at Dorking Halls. There had been a very good speaker on the organisation Compassion in World Farming who are currently campaigning in the UK for honest labelling for all meats (in a similar way to eggs which now show where and how they are produced).  June encouraged members to support this initiative and sign the petition on line at  Tricia Stewart, one of the original Calendar Girls, also gave a very interesting and amusing talk.  She has been involved with the musical and also the new production which is coming to Woking Theatre in March.

Group Updates
Wine Appreciation.  Sue said they met every one or two months with 10 – 12 people.  They take it in turns to host and decide on the wine.  There are 22 members on the mailing list.  She suggested that perhaps another group could be started if there is enough interest. 
Bernadette spoke about the Current Affairs Group.  It has only been going for a few months but everybody listens and respects what has been said.  Politics and religion have been discussed and they have not fallen out yet!  Bernadette is willing to help set up a new group if there is enough interest.

Next Meeting 14 November
This is the AGM when a new committee and president will be elected.  Redstone WI have asked us to help them by providing two tellers and so also has Reigate Afternoon.  Any offers of help would be most welcome.
There will be a bottle tombola at the meeting which was very successful last year.  Please bring a bottle of any description which can include alcohol!   In a similar way to our raffle £1 donation will be required.  Liz and Briony are also arranging a small quiz.  Please bring any items for the Christmas hamper.
Non- perishable items for the Food Bank are always required.  Please continue to bring any coins, zips, broken jewellery for ACWW (Associated Women of the World).

Raffle and Refreshments
The raffle raised £62.00 Refreshments £41.90
Thanks to Pauline and her team for the refreshments and to everyone who has helped with the meeting.  


Meeting - 12th September 2018

June welcomed 50 members, 20 apologies and 4 visitors, 2 who have now joined.

Our speakers were Emma and Sam from East Surrey Live at Home which is our chosen charity we are supporting this year.  Emma explained that she has taken over Tanya’s role who has taken over another position in the organisation and unable to attend tonight.  Both Emma and Tanya were very appreciative of the support and help we have given Live at Home as they rely very much on volunteers. 

The organisation supports older people who are still living in their own homes.  East Surrey covers Redhill, Horley, Merstham and now Reigate.  They have a range of activities including shopping trips to the Belfry, visits to Pubs, monthly coffee mornings and seasonal outings.  They also visit people in their own homes and have befriending visits and a telephone service for people unable to get out.  There are also people who help do repair jobs in their homes.
In East Surrey there are 170 members and 120 volunteers.  They rely heavily on volunteers doing numerous jobs and without them they couldn’t exist.  They are especially looking for someone to cook every second and fourth week to help get the Reigate Club established.  If anyone can help in any small way they would love to hear from you.

Feedback on Outings
Our August Social at Betchworth had been a great success with the addition this year of line dancing which was great fun and a lot of members showed off their dancing skills.  Thanks were given to Liz and the sub group who arranged the evening.
Other outings were to Parham House and Loseley Park which had been much enjoyed, with lovely weather.
The Vintage Tea at St Mary’s had also taken place.
Live at Home Tea Dance.  June thanked those members who had made cakes and helped with this event.

Group Updates
The local History Group is to discontinue and any future events that would have been run by this group will be made open to all via the newsletter.

Local History week-end
Displays at the Town Hall have been cancelled.

Forthcoming Events
Jubilee Group Meeting 17 October 2pm.  Reigate Park Church.  The talk is on Rheumatology.  Pay on the door. 

Cold Harbour House trip NGS 14 September £7.50  pay tonight.  

Reigate Christmas Tree Festival 7 – 9 December 2018

It was thought a good idea to take part in this event representing REWI and to provide an artificial tree decorated by our members with all things that represent the group, i.e. cakes, cups and saucers, bunting, books, crafting, poetry, outings etc.  It would be great to have some items crocheted, knitted or sewn. June asked for members to sign up if they could help in any way. 

Denman Surrey Week-end 12 – 14 July 2019

June mentioned that it would be fun to get a group together to visit where there are about six different courses to choose.  Although it is not a cheap week-end please sign up if you are interested. 

Mary Quant Exhibition V & A 20 June 2019

June is arranging a visit to this exhibition next year which will prove very popular.  Tickets are on sale this November.  Please sign the board if you are interested.  

The Queen’s Birthday Card request from NFWI
A request has been made to design a card for the Queen’s birthday to include an item of lace to be mounted.

Jackie mentioned that the local History Group have displays at the Belfry this week-end.

Remind Members
There are raffle tickets for our own raffle, net proceeds to charity and NFWI raffle, the first prize being £10,000 and second prize a holiday for two in Crete.

New Committee Members
There are five names on the list of members willing to stand and it would be good to get one or two more.

Una had brought in recipes of a fruit cake she had previously made.  They are on the refreshment table.

Poetry Group
After refreshments some of the members of the Poetry Group plus two committee members read some poems on friendship and loneliness.  One or two poems were well known, others not, some thought provoking, some humorous.  

Afterwards June read out a couple of quizzes which were cryptic and some members answered most of them!

Next Meeting 10 October
Stained Glass Designer, Philippa Martin.
It will be our 7th birthday.

Raffle and Refreshments
The raffle raised £45.00
Refreshments £32.50.
Mel has sold £14 worth of tickets for national raffle.

Thanks to Pauline and her team for the refreshments and all who helped tonight.  


Meeting - 11th July 2018

June welcomed 41 members, and 3 new members.  She thanked Briony, Vice President for chairing last month’s meeting.

June introduced Galit Mersand who spoke on the effects of Belly Dance in Women’s Lives.  Galit comes from Israel and has been belly dancing for 22 years and she also teaches. She spoke about the history of belly dancing and different regions having different moves and dance styles.  She had three layers of clothing on and gradually peeled one off each time to perform a dance ending with the traditional one showing her midriff and belly.  She spoke about misusing the power of belly dancing and being aware of body language.  She kept us amused throughout and we all enjoyed her performance. 

Forthcoming Events
June highlighted some of the following forthcoming events:
Strawberry Tea, Sunday 15 July at Clare Chaney’s house.  There a few places left for this event and all proceeds will go to our annual charity “Live at Home Scheme”.

Summer Social, Betchworth Village Hall 8 August.  Pauline stood up and reminded members to sign up for this event.  During the evening there will be line dancing which will be fun but nobody has to join in.  Tickets are £6 and there is a list of food to sign up for.  Please contact Mel if you are coming but haven’t yet signed up for food.

Vintage Tea at St Mary’s 20 August 2.30pm.  An item not on the board is the vintage tea, tickets £5.  Please let Mel know if you would like to be included.  

Live at Home Scheme Tea Dance 22 August.  A lot of members have signed up to help and they have been asked to either help with refreshments or bake a cake.  

Heritage Day 15 September 11 – 4pm.  We are having a stall at this event to promote our WI.  Help is required to man the stall and members were asked to sign up for one or two hour slots.

SFWI Annual Federation Meeting 8 October Dorking Halls.  Please add your name to the list if you would like to attend.  

Any visitors who wish to join REWI please see Anne, our Treasurer in the break.  The subscription is £20.50 to join for the half year.

Book Groups.  There are vacancies in two book groups, an evening one which meets in member’s houses and a 6.30pm one which meets at Café Rouge.  Please see Briony if you would like to join.

Suggestion Book.  Please add any ideas for trips or outings in the book.

Members were urged to buy raffle tickets, prizes included Prosecco and all net proceeds will go to our annual charity.

Committee Members.  As three committee members are leaving after three years on the committee, new members are needed to join.  Please think about whether you can help as without a committee there is no REWI.  It also a good way to get to know members and make new frends.  There is a board to sign or speak to June. 

Diaries can be ordered from Anne for £4.70.

Refreshments are £1 donation.

Feedback on Outings
Only two members attended the trip to Brighton Pavilion which Briony had arranged.  They had enjoyed it nonetheless though it was disappointing that so many people had cancelled and some at the very last minute.  June asked that people do not cancel at short notice unless very urgent as a lot of work will have gone into organising the trip.  Briony mentioned that the Pavilion is being restored and there is an exhibition about when it was a military hospital so it is an interesting place to visit.  

SFWI Centenary Picnic.
About eight members travelled to Wisley and enjoyed the warm summer evening.  They had taken a picnic and found a secluded spot by the lake, entertained by several ducks.  There were lots of pollinators provided by many Surrey WIs and it took quite a while to walk around and see them all including our own.   

Group Updates
Art Appreciation.   June spoke about exhibitions they had visited, including one last week to the Monet Exhibition at the National Gallery and how good it was.  There is an e-mail list for members interested in joining so please sign up if you aren’t already on the list.  You will then be notified about any forthcoming trips and can also suggest exhibitions yourself. 

Music Appreciation.  The group take it in turns to talk about a composer and hear some of the music.  Kay and Joy had spoken about Tchaikovsky and the group had also heard about Gershwin and John Denver.  Caroline is proposing to speak about Verdi at the next meeting.  

Mel spoke about the June AGM in Cardiff.  It is 100 years since the first WI resolution.  This year the resolution Mental Health Matters was discussed and was unanimously passed and Reigate WI had helped that vote.   Speakers included Stella Rimmington who in 1992 became the first woman to head M15 and Huw Edwards the journalist and BBC news presenter.

A local WI, Nutfield Gals, plan to submit a resolution for next year against the cuts in funding for the refuges that offer support to many thousands of women and children every year who are faced with domestic abuse.  We need to seriously consider how we in Surrey and nationally can support women’s aid in their campaign to ensure continued funding and support.  Please let Mel know if you would like more information about supporting this WI with their proposed resolution. 

Next Meeting 12 September
Tanya from this year’s annual charity, the Live at Home Scheme, will be speaking and there will be some poetry readings from the Poetry Group so please do come along.

Raffle and Refreshments
Each month we try not to spend too much on raffle prizes.  The more items that are donated the more funds we can raise for our annual charity.  

The raffle raised £41.00
Refreshments £27.05

Thanks to Pauline and her team for the refreshments and for the hostesses who looked after our visitors and new members.  

June also thanked everyone for attending and not staying at home to watch the football!


Meeting - 13th June 2018

In June’s absence, the meeting was chaired by Vice President Briony Bowen and she began the evening by welcoming 58 members, 14 apologies (including from June and Sue Nelson), and 9 visitors/new members.  

For the June meeting we were joined by Margaret Arnott who presented slides to accompany her talk on The Story of the National Garden Scheme.

In a very interesting hour, Margaret took us right back to the origins of the scheme and its links with the District Nurses in the late nineteenth century and brought us through the two world wars right up to the present day.  Supported by the Royal Family, the BBC, RHS, AA and Country Life, the scheme now features 3,600 gardens open to the public for charity every year from February right through to October.  Last year an incredible £3.1 million was raised for charities such as MacMillan, Marie Curie, MS and other smaller entities.  

Margaret outlined the criteria for opening a garden to the public – the garden should provide 30 – 45 minutes of interest, be well-maintained and have good parking.  Providing tea and cake is always a bonus although it’s not always easy to estimate how much you may need!  Margaret finished her talk with a selection of slides showing some beautiful gardens near to Reigate – her own garden being in Cobham and open on 22nd July and 12th August.  An open invitation was issued to visit and leaflets available for members to take for reference.

Forthcoming Events
Following the talk, Briony highlighted some of the following forthcoming events and encouraged people to sign up during the refreshment break:

Strawberry Tea Party – Sun 15th July - Clare Chaney’s house.  This is in aid of the REWI charity this year and contributions of cake would be welcome.

Outing to Brighton on Tuesday 19th June – still time to sign up to visit the Royal Pavilion and have lunch on the sea front.

Summer Social – Pauline Cox and Liz Sands gave further details about the Summer Social event being held at the Betchworth Village Hall on 8th August and emphasised that the line dancing entertainment was optional.   A board will be put out in the July meeting with suggestions of food to bring but members were encouraged to sign up and pay £6 tonight.

Picnic at Wisley – still a chance to buy tickets in advance to see the Perfect Pollinator at Wisley – or equally, you could just turn up on the night.

Monet at the National Gallery – this trip is now full.

Briony reminded members present of the privacy policy circulated by Mel Ralph in light of the recent GDPR regulations.  In future, if any photos are taken, members will be asked for their consent for the photos to be used before they are published or posted online.

Reminders were also given about:

• The suggestions book
• Raffle tickets for REWI
• Raffle tickets for the National Federation – with Mel
• Anyone interested in joining the Committee to talk to current members
• Refreshments available in the break for a £1 donation
• 2019 Diaries can now be ordered from Anne for £4.70

After refreshments, we had some feedback on recent events and outings.

Feedback on Events
Centenary Event at Hookwood – Elaine said that this very hot day featured morris dancing, Serenaders, lunch and afternoon tea plus a talk about the history of the WI.  Profits on the day were being shared amongst the WI’s who took part and as a result, REWI has received a cheque for £65.66.

Garden Visit – On another hot day, members visited the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden and enjoyed the variety of artworks on display.

Curry Night – Liz reported back on a lovely evening spent at the Gurkha Kitchen in Reigate when eight members had enjoyed sampling the Nepalese cuisine on offer.  

American in Paris – Margaret reported that about 16 members had attended a live screening of the production of ‘American in Paris’ currently in the West End and that, apart from an issue with volume at the start, it was a wonderful evening.

Coffee Morning at Priory Farm – several members had gone to Priory Farm for coffee on the morning of 30th May.

New Members Evening at The Beehive – Briony reported on a very successful evening held for new and prospective members at the Beehive in Woodhatch on 30th May.  It is hoped that many of the ladies who came along will subsequently join as full members.

Centenary of Suffrage Procession – on Sunday, Ann, Vivienne, Suzy and Geraldine joined hundreds of thousands of people in London and three other cities to mark the centenary of universal suffrage in the UK.  Everyone marching wore either violet, white or green in this enormous art installation and the atmosphere was wonderful.  Ann has lots of photos if anyone would like to see them.

Group Updates
Flower Arranging – Clare said that the Flower Arranging Group has been in existence for about a year and while there was initially a teacher, the group now meets in Clare’s house and takes turns to give demonstrations and create flower arrangements.  There is only room for 8 active participants but others watch and encourage from the sidelines.

Monday Lunch Club – Elaine said that except when there is a Bank Holiday in the month, there is always a ‘First Monday Lunch Club’ at local restaurants or pubs.  An excellent way to get to know each other, there is always a board at the monthly meetings so anyone can sign up to come along – just once, every now and then or every month – no restrictions.  
As an aside, Elaine put out a plea for anyone who has any old supermarket trolley tokens as they are needed for the visitors’ lockers at Highdown Prison.

Other business
Suzy announced that the children’s book she had illustrated – George and the Big Fat Fish - had been published and was available to order.

Mel conducted a survey on behalf of the Surrey Federation who were interested to gain feedback on attendance at the ACM and the Annual Financial Meeting.

Next Meeting 11 July
Talk:  The Effects of Belly Dance in Women’s Lives
June will chair the meeting. 

Raffle and Refreshments
The raffle raised £59.00
Refreshments £47.00

Thanks to Pauline and her team for the cakes and refreshments (especially Una!)


Meeting - 9th May 2018

June welcomed 49 members, 23 apologies, and 1 new member.

Resolution Voting “Mental Health Matters”
Voting was required for the above resolution which would be taken to the AGM in June.  Mel read out information she had received explaining about the resolution in more detail and how mental health matters as much as physical health as many mental health problems are hidden.  A WI campaign could help to extend the reach of mental health awareness and encourage more people to seek help.  Various points were raised and some members felt it was rather light weight and wondered whether the resolution with its current wording would make any difference.  There were three options to vote:  for, against or delegate to vote.  The vote was taken and there was an overwhelming vote for the resolution. 

Group Updates
Gardening Group.  Joy said there were 20 group members who were invited to meet once a month at members houses.  Not all attend each time but they were able to give advice to each other and swap plants.  They are planning a couple of trips per year and next week there is one to the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, Ockley if any member is interested in joining them.  They only meet during the summer months.  Contact Joy or Caroline if you are interested in joining the Group.

Caroline started with saying that walking is very healthy and good for you.  The Group walks on the first Thursday of each month, with walks lasting for about 1 ½ hours and finishing at a Pub/Café.  Last week they walked at Gatton to see the bluebells.   Contact Caroline if you are interested in joining the Group.

A small group of members had recently visited Haskins Garden Centre and 
another group of members visited Polsden Lacey to see the Adventures in Asia Exhibition. A trip to Wisley Craft Fair had proved very successful with good quality craft and music.  Worth going to next Spring!  A small group had also attended the Harlequin Theatre to see the local production of My Fair Lady.

June mentioned that when going on outings/walks/trips/etc. it was sensible for all members to have In Case of Emergency contact numbers (ICE) to hand.  This information can either be written and kept in your handbag or stored on mobile phones. Mel has sent information to members on how this can be done.  Everybody is responsible for themselves on these trips. 

Data Protection
The new EU General Data Protection Regulation is taking effect from 25 May and we are currently waiting to get detailed advice from National and Surrey.  Every member will be receiving an annual registration form to sign giving their permission for e-mails, addresses and photos to be used.  Individual tick boxes will need to be completed on the form as appropriate. Our monthly newsletter is sent to all members using a blind copy but we do pass on email addresses when organising trips and events to help with car sharing.  Members can obviously give out their own telephone numbers, addresses, etc if they so wish but should not pass on other members information without their consent.  The fines are high if we do not comply.

Dementia Care Update
On the table at the back there is information about dementia care in Hospitals.

Forthcoming Events
SFWI 19 May celebrations, Hookwood.  Members were asked if they could supply cakes or scones for this event.  Their expenses would be paid.
SFWI 28 June, Wisley Picnic.  There are two coach places still available.  If you would like to attend the event you can purchase tickets or pay on the gate.  All family members are welcome.
New Members Evening 6 June, Beehive Pub, Reigate. There is a board at the back to sign and any members who joined during the last year are also welcome to attend.
Live at Home Tea Dance, 22 August.  Members were asked if they could help with refreshments for this event and make any cakes.
August Social Betchworth Village Hall.  A sub group is arranging this event and they are hoping to get somebody to lead line dancing.  There will be bring and share food which proved successful last year.  Tickets will be approximately £6.  Susie volunteered her Father who plays electric piano, possibly with a sing a long.   This was thought to be a good idea for Christmas entertainment and has now been booked.  

Strawberry Tea in July.  It had been suggested that a strawberry tea would be a good way of raising money for our annual charity and it would be lovely for someone willing to offer their house and garden.  Members would supply cakes etc.  Clare Chaney very kindly offered her garden and our thanks go to her for this kind gesture.  

Remind Members
A copy of the Annual Review is available at the back of the Hall.
A suggestion book is also at the back awaiting suggestions for outings.
Raffle tickets are available to buy.
Refreshments are available for a £1 donation. 
New Committee members are required in November.  There will be vacancies for a Treasurer or Secretary and also for President as well as new Committee members.  Please contact Mel or June.

After refreshments Briory and Mel organised a quiz for us with a Royal theme.  Some questions were easier than others but it was all good fun.  Our thanks go to both of them for organising this. 

Next Meeting 13 June
The Story of the National Garden Scheme.
Briony will chair the meeting. 

Raffle and Refreshments
The raffle raised £53.00
Refreshments £33.50

Thanks to Pauline and her team for the cakes and refreshments.
Thanks also for the donated wine for future raffles.  


Meeting - 11th April 2018

June welcomed 56 members, 17 apologies, and 5 visitors (one looking to re-join).

June introduced Mary Barrett from Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group.  They are a registered charity that provides emotional and practical support through visiting asylum seekers and immigration detainees held at Tinsley House and Brook House, near the runway at Gatwick Airport.  The group believes that each person held has a right to be treated with respect and compassion, whatever the outcome of their case.  They are campaigning for a time limit on the holding in detention of 28 days and are taking this campaign to Westminster.  Mary told us stories of a couple of men who she had helped over the years.  Ways in which people can help are by donating young men’s clothing and shoes, plus money for phone cards.  They arrive in the country with no clothing other than what they are wearing. 

Mary also mentioned about Refugee Tales Books which raise awareness with organised walks.  Four years ago they walked from Dover to Gatwick and various stories and entertainment took place in the evenings.  The website is which gives details of the walk in July and anyone can join in this.  

Forthcoming Events
SFWI Centenary Picnic at RHS Wisley 6pm – 9.30pm.  Members are asked to sign the board and pay and it is also open to family and friends.  The Perfect Pollinators will be scattered around the gardens.  Sidlow Bridge WI has arranged for a coach and if you are interested and want to travel by coach please sign and pay tonight.  The pickup will be at Sidlow Bridge Church at 4.45pm.  The cost of the coach is approximately £14, £8 deposit to be paid tonight.  

SFWI Centenary, Leith Hill and Jubilee Group, Hookwood Village Hall. 19 May 2018. Tickets are £8 to include a cream tea.  If you cannot attend please support this event by purchasing a raffle ticket on sell at £1 as there are some wonderful prizes and it will help funding of this event.  

Processions March, London 10 June
Vivien Stewart spoke about this event to celebrate 100 years of suffragettes.  Walkers are requested to wear purple, white or green to make a flowing river of colour through the streets of London.  This event is also taking place in other cities in UK.  This procession is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part to celebrate 100 years of votes for women.  There is a board to sign to show your interest.  More information on the website

Members attending The King and I, please pay tonight and the next Wine Appreciation meeting needs to be paid for tonight.
More volunteers are required to help with the August Social.  We need input from members to help organise this event and make it a success. 
There is a board to sign for suggestions for outings.  This is your WI please think about what you would like to do.
There are NFWI raffle tickets to buy.  Also our own raffle, with the net proceeds going to our annual charity.
The WI has been in the news.  There is a newspaper article on the notice board about a Sussex trustee and the WI Shoreditch Sisters.  
There is one ticket spare to see the screening of an American in Paris on 16 May at The Harlequin Theatre.   Please contact Mel.
Shelagh has a lot of jam jars going spare.  Do you have a use for them?
Surrey News.  In order to publicise Surrey Federation events it was agreed by members to purchase five additional copies of Surrey News each month over the next year so that a few can be made available at the back of the meeting hall.  At present we get five free copies.  The cost of this would be £25 a year.  

Feedback on Outings
The Edenbridge and Oxted Quiz took place.  There were 19 teams and the team from our WI came third.  A great effort!  The food was better this time.  
Meal at Cote.  Seven ladies enjoyed a three course special offer meal organised by Liz.  She offered to organise another one, possibly a curry.
Monthly Monday Lunch.  This has been very successful with 11 people attending.  The next meal can only take 8 people and there is a board to sign.
ACM at Dorking Halls.  June attended the annual council meeting along with Briony.  The speakers spoke about Plastic Soup and Pollinators at Wisley and there was a talk by Dickie Arbitor, the Queen’s former Press Secretary.  

Group Updates
Louise spoke about the Play Reading Group.  There are 9 members and they meet in each other’s houses.  Plays are chosen to read with 7 – 9 characters and books are borrowed from the Performing Arts Library in Dorking, which is under threat of closure.  The group have recently seen The History Boys at the Archway Theatre , Horley, they have read several family dramas and are going to branch out with a restoration comedy.
Sue spoke about her Book Club which has 7 members and they meet at Café Rouge early evening at 6pm and is always over by 7.30pm.  They take it in turns to choose a book and each member collects and returns their own book.  Unfortunately one of their members is moving away and there will be a vacancy.  If anybody would like to join please contact Sue.  There is also a vacancy at Joy’s afternoon book group.

New Treasurer and President
Anne has been Treasurer for nearly three years and is stepping down in November.  It would be good to have someone shadowing Anne before then.  If anyone feels this is something they could do please see Anne or June.  Likewise the same for our President June, who has also completed nearly three years and is also stepping down.  As you know without a Treasurer and President our WI cannot continue.  Please have a think about this and you are very welcome to attend a committee meeting to see how things run.   

Resolution Update Alleviating Loneliness
Members were asked to think about what they could do to support this resolution locally  and any ideas would be most welcome.  This year we are supporting the local Live at Home Scheme which provides clubs, holidays, outings and helps keep people in their own homes.  We have been asked to help provide refreshments at their August tea dance and there will be a board out next month.

There is new EU legislation about Data Protection which all organisations must take on board.  When we have more information we will let you know.  

Next Meeting
Discussion about the proposed resolution ‘Mental Health Matters’ and a Quiz.

Raffle and Refreshments
The raffle raised £48.00
Refreshments £38.00

Thanks to Pauline for the cakes and to the refreshment ladies.
Thanks also to Janet and Elaine for helping with the raffle. 


Meeting - 14th March 2018

June, our President, welcomed 53 members and 2 visitors who are joining next month and also Angela Poole our WI Advisor.  There were 13 apologies.

June reported she had received a thank you from ESDAS for the donation of £514 and also a thank you from Decaf, part of the Live at Home Scheme for the same amount.
June also reported that Liz Sands who is a fairly new member had volunteered to be co-opted onto the Committee which was excellent news.  She is also a hostess, one of the team who welcomes new members.

June then welcomed Neil and Michaela Allam from Norbury Blue Cheese.
They are the only commercial cheese makers in Surrey.  They specialise in two cheeses – Norbury Blue and Dirty Vicar which is a white cheese.  Michaela spoke about setting up the business 17 years ago and all the processes which go into making the cheese.  They are in the process of moving to Silent Pool where they hope to continue with their cheese making.  They left samples of each cheese for us to try.  The Blue Cheese was certainly very strong and you didn’t need to have much but it was all very tasty!

Angela Poole our WI Advisor was introduced.  She said that she was there to help WI’s and not to criticise.  All WI’s are different and she was interested to see what we do in Reigate.  She is a member of Caterham Hill and has been an Advisor since 2015.  She thanked Reigate for inviting her.

Reminders and Forthcoming Events
SFWI Centenary.  There is a board for volunteers (stewarding and scone making) and a separate board for buying tickets on 19 May.  Members were encouraged to attend.  There are also raffle tickets to sell.  
Jubilee Group Meeting 28 March at Reigate Park Church.  Tickets £2.00 on the door.
August Social.  There is a board for a new sub-committee to help with the planning of this.  This is your chance to get involved and offer new ideas.  
Hostesses.  There are a number of names already on this list but we always need more.  We have introduced this to look after new members when they join and also existing members at our meetings.
The King and I.  June has reserved ten tickets for this great musical in September.  Sign up and pay tonight. Places still available.
SFWI Picnic Wisley with live music.  28 June, Various priced tickets depending on whether you are a RHS member or pay on the night.  Please put your name on the board if you would like to attend and pay in April.  There is the possibility of the Jubilee Group hiring a coach leaving from Redhill.
Perfect Pollinator.  There is a small group helping with this, to be displayed at Wisley on 28 June.  Please let June know if you can help.  Sheila was asking for donations of wire, silver and coloured foil, blue and yellow sacks, paint spray, etc.
Paris Trip.  This trip has been cancelled as there was not enough interest.
Suggestion Book.  If you have any suggestions for trips or outings or are willing to lead any please enter your name in the book.
Surrey Federation Meeting Dorking Halls 19 March 2018.  Four members are attending this meeting next Monday.  There are several bursaries to attend Denman College. So if you are interested put your name and e-mail on an envelope with £1 and hand to June.
Annual Review and Accounts Surrey Federation.  These are at the back for members to look at if they wish.
Archiving.  A volunteer is required for archiving of photos etc.
A vote was required for decisions to be taken by the Committee if small amounts of expenditure were needed for training and attendance at other meetings.  All finance expenditure will be reported back to members. Members agreed to this. 

Pastoral Care
June mentioned that she knew that individual groups were often aware of their members being unwell or if they had received sad news and were then able to offer their own support.  It was felt that it would also be advantageous if either Joy Perrett, our Membership Secretary, or June, our President were made aware if such information came to the notice of any member so that they could make contact and perhaps send a card from REWI to show we are thinking of them.  Details of Joy and June are available on your annual membership card.

Feedback on Outings
Art Appreciation.  The group had been to Petworth House to see the William Blake exhibition.  It had been a very cold day but thoroughly enjoyable.
Royal Albert Hall.  Members had been taken around by a very informative and interesting young guide.  Amongst other things members were allowed to view the Queen’s Royal box but not enter it.

Update on Groups
Poetry Group Bernadette mentioned that there were seven members in the group which had been going for two years.  It was lots of fun and they had learnt a lot.  As well as studying poems and poets they had been on a visit to John Keats house in Hampstead and are shortly going to watch a film on Emily Dickinson.  
Whist with a Twist  Susan Legg said they played various card games along with nibbles and drinks.  There is a maximum of eight members.
June mentioned that the number in each group was often dependant on the size of the venue.  If any member was interested in joining a group they should contact Briony Bowen, the Group Co-ordinator, who will know if there are any vacancies.  If not a waiting list would be kept.

Result of Resolution 2018
The resolution with the most votes across all WIs was Mental Health Matters, which will go forward to the AGM in June.  Our members will be given the chance to discuss and vote on this proposed resolution at the May meeting.

Update on current Resolution – Plastic Soup
June read out ways to look after the environment.  Some of these included:
Washing clothes less frequently
Fill up washing machine to maximum
Use liquid instead of powder
Washing at a low temperature
Choose loose vegetables and fruit and not use bags
Coffee to take away in reuseable cups
Say “no” to plastic straws, use bamboo or paper ones
Use a carrier bag for life.  
The list is endless!

Our new annual charity The Live at Home Scheme relates very well to this year’s WI resolution ‘alleviating loneliness’.  There will be an update next month on this resolution.

Sandra, Gill, Rosemary and June had made Valentine cards for the Live at Home Scheme party and the recipients had been very pleased to receive them.  Joy’s neighbours had remarked on the lovely cards they had received.

Next Meeting on 11th April
Detainees at Gatwick

Raffle and Refreshments
The Easter themed raffle raised £47.00 for our new annual charity.
Refreshments £33.70.

Thank you to our refreshment ladies and ladies who helped with the raffle.  Also thanks to members who donated prizes for the raffle which are always welcome and thanks to Angela Poole, our Advisor for visiting us.


Meeting - 14th February 2018

June welcomed 42 members and 1 new member.  There were 27 apologies.  Slightly low numbers but it was a dreadfully wet and windy evening and Valentine’s Day!

Presentation of Charity Cheques
June presented a cheque for £514 to Soo from Decaf, part of the Live at Home Scheme, which was one of our chosen charities for the year.  Shelagh Smith, one of our members, accepted the £514 cheque on behalf of ESDAS, our other chosen charity.  Both of these cheques were from our 2017 fund raising.  The amount of £70.53 had already been passed directly to Decaf as this was money raised by WI members when they ran a stall at the Live at Home Spring Fayre.  Many thanks to the four members - Gill, Sandra, Rosemary and June - who had made around 40 valentine cards to be given to members of the Live at Home Scheme at their St Valentine’s Day lunch.

Show and Tell
Three of our members spoke about different experiences:-
Sally Wallace – City and Guilds Part 1 and Beyond.
Sally spoke about her membership of the Embroiderer’s Guild and all the different techniques used in obtaining her qualification.  She brought along some of her lovely work to show us – amazing!  
Liz Sands – My Roman Holiday
Liz spoke about her three years teaching English in Rome in the 1990s and the many places and experiences she had during her time there.  
June Arnold – Precious Items from the Past
June spoke about her Grandparents and showed us a collection of postcards from the 1920’s.  She also showed us some beautiful beaded overdresses from the same period which her Grandmother had worn.  We were also shown some hot pants and a mini dress which June had worn in the late 1960s!

Forthcoming Events
SFWI ACM March 19 at Dorking Halls.  Tickets £16, speakers to include Dickie Arbiter (former Press Secretary to HM the Queen and reps from RHS Wisley. 
Edenbridge and Oxted Show Quiz Friday 16 March at Bletchingley Village Hall.  Tickets £12.50 to include cold supper.
Speaker Auditions at Bletchingley 22 March.  £5 for morning or afternoon, £9 for whole day.  Anybody is welcome to attend.
SFWI centenary 19 May 2018, Hookwood.  Tickets are now on sale. Stewarding and volunteers required to make scones/cakes etc.
Perfect Pollinator at Wisley 28 June.  We are looking for a small group of people to make a ‘pollinator’ eg beetles, butterflies, bees, bugs etc. to be displayed at Wisley RHS Garden.  Shelagh Smith will lead this group – all ideas are welcome.
Behind the Scenes Tour of Royal Albert Hall, Monday 26 February.  There is one spare ticket available - £10.  Please contact June if you would like to go.  
Caroline spoke about a Day trip to Paris on 4 July 2018.  As Joy had mentioned at the previous meeting it is a long day, starting early and getting back late with a fair amount of walking.  The fare is approximately £100 plus meals and Paris Metro.  Please sign and pay tonight if interested.  
Tricia Hughes spoke about Reigate Antique Society at St. Mark’s Hall who meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 8pm.  The annual programme was left for members to collect.

Reminders for Members
2018 Subscriptions should be paid tonight.
Two members of our Committee have unfortunately had to step down due to personal circumstances – Cathy Dyson and Lucia Browne.  We are looking to co-opt two more people.  Please contact June or Mel if you are able to help.  
Please sign the buddy/hostess board to help look after new members at meetings.  
There is a card to sign to give to Rachel on the birth of her daughter Naomi Cecily Jean who was born on the 27 January.
There is a sales table, all proceeds towards our new 2018 chosen charity. 
In future there will be group updates at each meeting.  New groups include a discussion group and a music appreciation group – please sign up if you are interested.  There is also a board for flower arranging and craft.  Several book clubs have vacancies.  If anyone would prefer an evening group to an afternoon group please let us know.  
Reigate Library has a display of the Suffragette Movement and REWI.

Voting on Charity
Mel reported that five charities had been nominated by members.  They were Welcare, The Samaritans, Stripey Stork, Loveworks and the Live at Home Scheme which received the most votes.  


Anne spoke about this year’s proposed budget.  She mentioned about the annual expenses including the hire of the hall, cost of speakers, the August social evening, etc.  It is hoped that we will come in on track with a small surplus of £104.00.

Two more Show and Tell
Jackie Johnson – Reigate and District Family History Group
She has been chairman of this Group for 22 years and said there were lots of ways of gaining information about family history, including joining her Group.  She left leaflets about the next talk on the History and People of Gatton Park to be held at St. Mark’s Hall on 15 March.
Caroline Vaughan – Healthy Living
Caroline first advertised her 1st monthly Thursday short walks and encouraged members to join her email list.  She then spoke about her role as a Governor of East Surrey Hospital Board.  She advised members to think first before attending A & E and mentioned that there are walk in centres and pharmacists who can sometimes help.  She also advised where possible to get a flu jab.  

Feedback on Outings
La Barbe.  The meal had been greatly enjoyed by members.  Our thanks to Louise and Julia for arranging this.  
Wisley Butterflies.  A few members had braved the rain to see the butterflies.
Squires Garden Centre.  Tea had been enjoyed by 12 members. 

Resolution Update
The Reigate result of the resolution January voting was Stop FGM.  Our figures will be sent to Surrey for forwarding on to the National Federation for collating.
Next month we will have an update on the two 2017 resolutions - Plastic Soup and Loneliness.

Next Meeting 14th March
A talk on Local Cheeses – Norbury Blue Cheese.  There will be samples and some for sale.  Our Advisor, Angela Poole, will be attending.

Raffle and Refreshments
The raffle raised £47.00
Sales Table £17.50
Refreshments £23.00

Thanks to Pauline and her team for refreshments.  Many thanks also to our speakers.


Meeting - 10th January 2018

June Steer our President, who is now June Arnold after her recent marriage, welcomed 64 members and 2 visitors.  There were 9 apologies.  She thanked members for the flowers, card and gift voucher that she had been presented with. 


June welcomed Jenny Adin-Christie a specialist Embroiderer and Tutor who had trained at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court.  Her art had taken her all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and France.  One of her achievements had been helping with the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress and staying up very late the night before the wedding finishing it off.  We were all amazed at the time and effort that goes into producing all of her work.  

June read an e-mail from ESDAS thanking members for their donations of toiletries which had been very well received.
Thanks also to Louise and Julia for arranging the meal at La Barbe on 17 January.  There are 2 spaces available.  If any members are interested please contact June.
Thanks also to Sally Wallace who attended the December Decaf meeting as Committee members were unable to attend.  She had coffee and nibbles and was entertained by a magician.

Forthcoming Events
Vintage Tea at St. Mary’s Monday 15 January.  There are 2 places left
Menopause the Musical, Dorking Halls 1 March, sig and pay tonight.
Surrey Federation Meeting, Dorking Halls, 19 March £16.
Edenbridge & Oxted Show Quiz,  Bletchingley Village Hall £12.50 to include cold supper Friday 16 March, £12.50
Free screening of 2005 film Suffragette at the Harlequin, Redhill, Monday 5 February, 7.30 pm.  Just turn up.

Reminders for Members
Yearly membership is now due.  If you wish to rejoin please pay your £41 this month or at the February meeting, cheques to REWI in envelope with your details on.  If members do not rejoin they will no longer be able to attend any WI groups.  
Please send to June or Mel, by the end of this week, your nominations for our annual local charity.  One paragraph only explaining the aims of the charity. 
Briony spoke about our groups to sign up to and asked for suggestions of new ones.  
Mel spoke about an autism and aging study and that there were leaflets available which had been given to us by a student who was looking for healthy adults to sign up to the study. 
Mel also asked current members to sign up to become a buddy/hostess to help look after new members at meetings.
Please contact Joy, who is our Membership Secretary, if you wish your e-mail address to be added to the national database, which is needed for MyWI Website.

Voting on the 5 shortlisted resolutions took place. These were i) Positive Body Imagine in a Digital Age, ii) Stop Female Genital Mutilation, iii) Rising Awareness of Modern Slavery in the UK, iv) Mental Health Matters and v) Healthier Mouth, Healthier Body.

Joy stood up and spoke about a day trip to Paris on Eurostar lead by Caroline who used to live in Paris and who has lead two previous days trips there.  The proposed date is 27 June 2018.  She warned members that it is a long day, starting early and getting back late and that there is a fair amount of walking, but very enjoyable nonetheless.  
The fare is approximately £100 plus getting to London, lunch, Paris Metro etc.  Approximately £150.  Board out next month.

Next month Anne Knox will present a proposed budget for the year.  
A vote on the net raffle proceeds going towards our 2018 charity fundraising was agreed by members. 

Next Meeting
We are hoping to get representatives from our two Charities to receive their cheques and we will be voting on our 2018 annual charity.  We will also be having a Show and/or Tell where members can talk for 5 minutes about any subject that interests them.  There are still spaces available for this – please contact Mel our Secretary.

Thanks to Rosalyn Norman and helpers for refreshments which made £33.00
Thanks also to Janet and Briony for the raffle which raised £52.00


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